Cubes galore!

So now that we have introduced protein which seems to be going down very well at the moment, my LO loved her chicken, sweet corn and carrots for lunch I’m actually quite enjoying weaning. My freezer is full to the brim with different cubes but I have to say it makes mealtimes so much easier. … Continue Reading »


After a fantastic intro to proteins my LO loving chicken it was time to try out fish. I gently steamed some cod, blended it with some vegetable stock to make it nice and smooth and picked out a few vegetables – sounds perfect?! It was all going rather well until it came to meal time. … Continue Reading »


So, after months of having a sicky baby, things rapidly got worse over the past few weeks. Weaning was going well, my LO was loving her food but then came the intolerable screaming after a meal and an inconsolable baby. It was time to sort this out once and for all. After a quick trip … Continue Reading »