36 weeks

How time flies – seriously! Where has the time gone? One minute I’ve just seen the lines on the pregnancy test and the next I’m thinking oh crap, 37 weeks and I gave birth to both of my girls yet I’m sitting in the office writing this with full blown BH. You would have thought that sense might have set in and I’d take the leave but I’m determined to push on through until I read the maternity policy and realised that carrying over 16 days of holiday was not an option so I’ll be taking a speedy departure as of tomorrow!


Trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible before heading off for round three. Everyone expects me to be a ‘pro’ a this birth stuff but with d-day looming I’m now feeling the pressure. Two inductions later and I’m still pining for that oh so blissful water birth but I know I can’t set my hopes too high. It might happen, it might not. Birth is unpredictable and there comes a point when safety takes over.


Yesterday I headed off to try and find some clothes for this tiny bundle but it’s amazing how difficult it is to find gender neutral clothes aka white! All the newborn stuff was sold out. Is there some sort of baby boom that I’m missing? Perhaps? Luckily Primark came to the rescue although they had sold out of Whinnie the Pooh baby grows, I was rather upset but managed to stock up on their muzzies. Who need’s Arden & Anais when Primark do lovely soft ones too?


Organisation clearly isn’t my strong point at the moment and pregnancy brain has set in more than ever at 36 weeks. Nothing is prepared, nothing feels prepared, my bags certainly aren’t packed and the look on the midwife’s face when I told her ‘no’ was that look that says get a move on love your other kids came at 37 weeks….time to wake up!


She’s lovely though, I’m lucky to have the same midwife who visited me with my first two and the familiarity is warming. I think everyone is worried about the risks of another round of PND which is partially why I’ve been so quiet on the blog, I’ve been doing a lot of work to try and get over the last births so I’m in a stronger place this time round. It’s not been easy and I’ve also struggled with bouts of antenatal depression. Few people talk about it and it’s still pretty taboo but it’s a reality and it’s a part of my reality but let’s hope for a smoother birth this time around!


Onwards and upwards, that’s all from me at 36 weeks!!