A birthday with no cake? No way!

For most people, a birthday isn’t complete without some candles and a cake and I’m no different! With my birthday rapidly approaching and the morning sickness finally subsiding, I went on a mission to find the next best thing to a cake. It had to be gluten free, dairy free and sugar (well refined sugar) free too, sounds easy? Not really, I struggle with gluten free flour too!

I wanted something healthy but delicious and after trawling through a million ‘gluten free’ cake recipes I finally decided that carrot cake would be the way to go.

And so I came across this recipe for a carrot cake by the fantastic Deliciously Ella –  it wasn’t too cake like but the ingredients sounded pretty good so I gave it a whirl. After whizzing round my local Tesco, I had everything in my trolley except for coconut oil – it seemed ridiculously expensive in store around £6 – call me a cheapskate but I was genuinely contemplating if this was all really necessary. The lovely shop assistant suggested I head down the road to the mini market as I was sure to find it there at a fraction of the price – yep she was right a large jar for £2.

Once home, I got cracking with the recipe, it certainly wasn’t like any cake I’d made before, the mixture was ‘different’ for sure but nonetheless I continued on my mission for my birthday cake.

Instead of making one large cake I filled a large cupcake mould with the mixture and put the leftovers into smaller cupcake cases – at least I could freeze them and enjoy them at a later date.

Once cooked, I removed my cakes from the oven and let them cool, although they didn’t look like a sponge they certainly resembled a carrot cake and they were really tasty! I didn’t bother to ice the cake as it was sweet enough but I’m sure the icing in this recipe is equally as tasty.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed them so I can officially say that birthdays no longer need to be without a cake just because you have specific dietary requirements!