At long last – our second baby is here!

What a week!

So I’m delighted to share with you all the exciting news that our second daughter was born on Sunday evening!! A little baby miracle.

Things nonetheless have been pretty hectic since then to say the least but we are now home and starting to settle in as a family of four. Still can’t believe I’m saying that!

So after a five day wait in hospital, I finally had my waters broken (they call it ARM) followed by an induction of labour.

Surprisingly getting my waters broken was a painless experience, felt a little strange but didn’t hurt. Following that we all hoped my contractions would start naturally but after an hour or so they didn’t so they started the hormone drip which quickly got things going (although the rapid increases from 6ml per hour to 24ml per hour did have to be reduced again when the little one decided they weren’t a fan).

The gas and air was absolutely fantastic, it gives you that drunk feeling and takes the edge off the contractions. I’m sure many of you will have been told that unfortunately with induction the contraction strength can build more rapidly so it’s much more usual to use pain relief including an epidural. I worked my way through a nice selection of pain relievers concluding with an epidural annoyingly half an hour before I had to push as things moved on so quickly!

While an epidural is fantastic it does make it harder to know when to push as you can’t really feel when the contractions are actually happening, so theoretically it’s half a blessing and half a pain in the ass!

To cut a very long story short, we got there in the end and finally got to meet our teeny baby princess 😀

Next up – introducing her to her sister … Stay tuned