A baby, toddler and preschooler!

It’s all been a bit quiet on the blog recently, things have been pretty mental with all three. The eldest has had the worst eczema flare up I’ve ever seen, the middle one struggling with her diet and the little pickle has been in and out of A&E countless times because of breathing difficulties.

Turns out he might have a floppy larynx or trachea. We have an ENT apppintment before Christmas so hopefully will find out more. He’s well in himself although as awful reflux and only feeds for short periods of time. But it’s his recessed breathing and wheezing that’s been more of a concern.


I’m kind of getting used to it through and it’s only when people point it out or question that it starts to bug me a bit. Initially it was quite scary and he sounded like a pug constantly but as long as I keep his nose clear and let him do his thing he’s a happy little monkey.


I say that but the car seat is something else! He screams and screams and screams! It has to be the position that makes his reflux worse and he’s uncomfortable.


We’ve nearly made it to three months so as they say…things can only get better!