Baking up a storm

The nesting is back – oh how I’ve missed it. Anything that is out of place needs to be tidied, the little one’s room needs to be immaculate and my new best friend would appear to be the kitchen.

Yesterday was no exception, ok, it wasn’t quite the Great British Bake-off, it was more of a health food extravaganza. It all started at around 7am with baking some spelt bread, next up were the raw chocolate brownies (a favourite to keep in the fridge for snacking on), then came the roast chicken dinner and finally some Bolognese to go in the freezer so we have something easy and ready prepared for the week ahead.

I didn’t really know much about spelt until a few months ago, although it’s not gluten free, it contains lower gluten levels than normal flour. I’m pretty lucky as it appears I can tolerate it in small-ish quantities. Gail’s bakery makes a fantastic loaf although it is pretty pricey and so a friend suggested the following recipe, it’s really simple and makes a delicious loaf.


500g spelt flour

100g mixed seeds

100g raisins

10g dried yeast

5g / pinch of salt

500ml warm water


Heat on 180 degrees for around an hour

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and slowly add in the water


Mix until all of the mixture is combined

Place into a greased loaf tin and cook for an hour


To make sure my loaf wasn’t too lumpy I sieved the flour first into a large mixing bowl and added in all the ingredients. Mixed up the dry mixture to ensure seeds and raisins throughout then slowly added in the water stirring until I had a large ball of dough.

The bread is scrummy and the combination of raisins and seeds works really well. The only change I might make next time is to double the amount of raisins as I have a pretty sweet tooth!

Enjoy with a bowl of soup, with a salad or simply on its own.