BH? Nah, not me

Last week was an interesting one, Monday started off full of cold. Tuesday still stuffed up, fed up and then boom, contractions.


Yes, 34 weeks and contractions. Started off like tummy ache and grew stronger and stronger. I carried on as normal, I mean I’m not expecting to give birth so early although I have friends who have gone into labour at 34 weeks!


My first thought was oh crap! This baby hasn’t got a bed or any clothes or anything ready so most importantly let’s get some things sorted. I pulled down all the baby clothes, breathing through the pain. Found the moses basket, breast pump and some other bits and bobs and put them all in the spare room just in case.


I also felt it was time to download the dreaded contraction timer app. Fantastic app but not ideal when after a set of five contractions it tells you that you ought to go to hospital. It certainly was painful but I wasn’t ready.


I said to myself let’s give it a few hours and then I will reassess. This is third baby after all. It’s low, it might be cooked but I’m not sure.


I called my consultant who said keep an eye on it and that’s what I did. On and off for the next 24 hours, BH contractions that felt like the real deal. I didn’t go to hospital in the end, my waters hadn’t broken and I didn’t feel any sudden changes or increase in frequency or strength. However, I have to say I was completely taken by surprise by the sheer power of these BH contractions.


I know they say with each pregnancy BH get stronger but I never believed it until now. Massive wake up call and it’s got me thinking about packing my hospital bag well at least getting things in place should D day appear slightly earlier than anticipated.


I’ve never made it past 38 weeks so it’s a bit of a challenge but I’m determined this time to not be induced and to try and have the water birth I’ve always envisaged. Who knows? Birth is unpredictable at the best of times so all I can do is go with the flow and see what happens!