Birth and beyond

Birth and beyond, it’s actually the title of a book written by a good friend of mine Dr Yehudi Gordon but it sums up my life over the past seven weeks.

Yes seven!! My little boy entered the world on 19th September after the most incredible labor and birth.

I never thought it possible after two inductions but never say never.

I was lucky and had an easier pregnancy this time around. My diet was better, exercise better and overall things just generally flowed. I even made it to 40 weeks, practically unheard of for me considering the other two were born at 37w.

The biggest problem was knowing what was BH and what was real labour! I’d had several rounds of BH some that took my breath away that felt like the real deal but they subsided so I knew they weren’t.

I’d had really strong BH all day and night Saturday and Sunday, Monday the same again and the Monday night I lay awake thinking this is it waiting for my waters to break in bed. They never did!

Tuesday was hit and miss. Walked down to the local coffee shop slowly as he was so low and the pains never went. Got home and rested. By lunchtime they were getting stronger so I went to bed to rest. The hubby went to the gym and was on call.

When he came back I could barely move. I still wasn’t convinced this was it but he was insistent we went to the hospital and got it checked.

Arrived at triage and was checked out, 3cm dilated they kindly informed me I wasn’t going home. Labour ward or birth centre, birth centre I chirped! No problem, they arranged a room.

I went upstairs to find a huge room with a bed, birthing ball, stool and what I wanted the most, birth pool. Wow! A pool for birth, a pool for me. Is this really happening?! What to do?!

The midwives were lovely and settled me in, filled up the pool, put on some music and said chill out. So I did. Hopped in and out of the pool and onto the ball and just let things progress.

An hour or so in, pool it was. The weight and pressure were building and I was here to stay. By 8pm my waters broke and things progressed very rapidly. I was downing be gas and air like no tomorrow but loved the hazy contractions rocking and squatting in the pool.

Then I felt it, the head. I shouted I could feel a head and the midwives ran in frantically at their shift change over. No time for introductions this baby was coming ready or not.

I was told, when you want to push don’t push let the baby come out. The head tried to come out three times and on the fourth I felt it pop out. Next the body and woohoo my little man was here.

I couldn’t believe it, after two inductions and being told I was too high risk for water I finally had the water birth I’d wanted all along. No tears, a load of gas and air and a beautiful healthy 7lb6oz boy born at 40 weeks!

Finally, my family was complete. So here we go from birth to beyond as the famous man once said!