I don’t remember being such an avid reader at the young age of 14 months but my little girl loves books.

The fascination started early on at around four months with her Tiny Love soft book and since then she’s turned into a right little bookwork. Ok, she’s not exactly sitting in the corner all day long reading but she certainly loves flicking through and looking at the pictures. Her favourite books are the the touchy-feely ones full of bright and colourful pictures with added in shapes and textures. It’s so sweet to see her stopping at her favourite pages and pointing out the different textured patch. She’s come a long way from the early days where she used to flick to the bunny page and pull out all of its fur now she tests what the fabric can do – is it scratchy, smooth, squishy, noisy, bumpy?

Our house is covered in baby books that might be a little exaggeration but we certainly have a pile in each room. She never seems to get bored, there are times she’s had enough but she just turns to the next one and starts again. Some days she even brings over her favourite one and sits on my lap so we can look through it together. It’s moments like those that make me really proud to be a mummy – it certainly makes all the crying and sleepless nights worth it.

Or favourite books are the Sophie la Giraffe books, the Usborne ‘That’s not my…’ series, the Ladybird fairy tales and my all-time favourites The Hungry Caterpillar.  I love how some of the books I was so fond of as a child are still hugely popular today. The Hungry Caterpillar was by far my favourite childhood book and I couldn’t wait to share it with my little girl!!! We have the standard story, the counting puppet book which she loves the most, the touch and feel board book and the buggy book for the car. It’s quite impressive how many variations of a book you can get!!!

It’s not just an at home fascination either, I’m regularly told by my little girls nursery teachers that she can be found flicking her way through the pages by the book box in the corner (in all honesty that’s usually where I find her at the end of the day!). Whether it’s her family book all about mummy and daddy or one of the endless selection in the box she’s constantly learning and pointing out new things.

Many of my friends introduce story time before bed now their little ones are getting a bit older but it’s a fine balance, I don’t want to upset her bedtime routine but I’m so desperate to read all of my favourite childhood stories to her and reminisce about the past.

Maybe that’s one for next week? Amazon here we come!!!

Anyway, back to my point –  are your little ones becoming little bookworms?

Have a great day.

GB x

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