Brr it’s getting cold out….

To be honest I’m getting a bit sick and tired of eating a cold salad for lunch an nothing much seems to be taking my fancy. Lunchtime is becoming more of a chore as I go from shop to shop in the hope of finding something yummy and satisfying for lunch.

All I want is a nice soup, sounds easy eh? It would be if I could rely on my stomach for the afternoon and know how it would react only I can’t really trust it and so Pret, EAT & M&S aren’t going to really work for me.

And so I set off to find a yummy, nourishing and filling soup that wouldn’t mean I spend my afternoon in a toilet!

I used to love my Great Grandmothers bean and barley soup but these days beans are a definite no no so I’ve adapted this hearty yet simple soup.

It’s so easy, takes just over an hour to cook and you can leave some in your freezer for next week if you want a big batch.

Fill the bottom of a saucepan with lentils, split peas and barley (feel free to add in butter beans and haricot beans if you are able to eat them too). You could always add in some spelt or quinoa if you fancy too. Add in a carrot or two, some celery if you like it or any other root vegetables, butternut squash and pumpkin also work well. Top up the pan with water and add in some chicken or vegetable stock – I like the vegetable bouillon that you can get in most stores. If you want a little extra protein, dice up some chicken and add it to the mix.

Leave to simmer on a low heat for around an hour, topping up the water if necessary and adding a dash of extra buillon to taste and voila a simple but filling soup, eat as it is or pour into a food processor and blend.

Enjoy with a piece of gluten free toast or some spelt crackers.