Cramps, cramps, cramps

Getting to sleep at the moment is a complete nightmare, it’s not as though my bump is particularly bad yet at 22 weeks but I’m just so uncomfortable. I have my pregnancy pillow which to date has been absolutely fab but it’s my legs they are just so crampy and achy – help!

After reading up it appears that leg cramps unfortunately are the norm but there are a few things that can help. Firstly, sleeping with a pillow inbetween your legs. Also potassium is said to help and so I’ve added a banana to my daily list of snacks and hopefully the coconut water is helping too.

There are also some simple stretching exercises that can alleviate the agro too pointing your toes, rotating ankles and doing leg stretches with your hands against the walls.

After a couple of weeks of this, the cramps seem to have died down for now – woohoo!

Have you tried something that works at beating these nasties?