Diet, life and all things postnatal

It’s been a busy few months. The littlest one is now nearly nine months old! Yes! nine months old, time is flying by. Life has been hectic to say the least since Sasha out American Akita puppy joined the family in January and I’ve just about got back into some sort of routine with dog walking, weaning and three kids.

School applications are complete and my eldest got into the school closest to us which is a fantastic preparatory school where shes currently in the nursery class. My two year old has certainly hit the terrible two’s and potty training is commencing, well her idea of potty training is a watching YouTube videos on someones phone and doing a wee or poo in a nappy but hopefully one day the penny will drop.

My eldest has been referred to GOSH for her eczema and The Royal Free allergy clinic so hopefully we will have a breakthrough shortly and as for the youngest, his floppy larynx feels like a thing of the past although his reflux….still remains a daily battle.

I’ve been working really hard on myself working with some incredible people to try and get to the other side of my PND. One thing in particular I’ve started to focus on is my diet having been made aware of the importance of diet and mental health. It’s no easy feat but little by little I’m weaning myself off sugar and onto a whole food diet.

I’ve watched some fantastic documentaries especially the Human Longevity Project which has provided some invaluable insight into diet and lifestyle changes and I’m trying my best to work them into my life as it stands.

The smoothies are still going strong although I’ve been a bit lax recently focusing on whole food rather than smoothies but they still provide the occasional super energy boost when it’s needed. As a result the blog is probably going to take a slight change in direction looking at postnatal health.

Will be talking about my journey over the next few posts so hope you all enjoy!