Exercise, eating and energy

Exercise, eating and energy, not the usual title you expect to go alongside the third trimester but so far so good. The most noticeable change for me has been posture and the massive reduction in pelvic pain and back ache. The only thing I can attribute it to is the humble squat. By squat I mean, low flat foot full on squat. I’m no pro by any means but this humble squat seems to iron out any niggles in my back and pelvis and straightens it all out again. It’s not the easiest thing to squat with a watermelon in your tummy but in terms of alignment and pain reduction it does wonders and realigns your back when you have a heavy weight pulling you forward.


Joining the ‘light’ exercise regime filled with warm sunny walks comes diet. A nurtibullet three times a week. Well that’s when I’m in the office and I’m better with my diet than scavenging at home. But loaded up with fibre, banana for potassium and energy, iron filled spinach and leaves and whatever else is left over from the weekend, this super drink is certainly helping to iron out some of the nastier digestive issues that kindly come with pregnancy.


I’d love to add a good night’s sleep to the list but that’s not guaranteed with a three year old and one year old who loves to drink water all night and wakes up if she drops the bottle. Can’t have everything but surprisingly my energy is up. I’ve been religiously taking my prenatal vitamins plus omega 3 and vitamin D and the coffee is nowhere to be seen. It’s by no means perfection when looking at my desk today I have a protein pot and a chocolate flapjack for my afternoon snack but it’s generally pretty balanced out.


Barefoot walks help break the constant office / computer sitting environment and the squats are helping tweak any adjustments. Another thing I learnt is that hanging is good for your back. I mean monkey bars but hanging with your back straight also helps to align it. Back and pelvic pain have been the bain of both of my previous pregnancies so this is like a breath of fresh air plus it helps keep those tummy muscles engaged even though they are drifting apart.


Strong core and a good grounded stance I must say are surprisingly helpful in balancing out the pregnant body!


What are your hints and tips?