Fantastic beans

Yep, it’s all in the title – a post all about beans, baked beans to be precise. I love baked beans as i’m sure most of us do but the sheer amount of sugar in the well known and supermarket brands has been bugging me. I’m lucky, my kids are great eaters but their diet keeps turning back to sugar and sugar for us means hyper kids then horrendous tantrum crashes so i’m on a mission to start to cut down the refined sugar not only in my diet but also my kids.

Beans – a great source of protein and the perfect place to start. I have to thank Leon for this. I was out shopping and my littlest one needed lunch so off to Leon I popped as it’s one of my favorite high street chains provided good wholesome food. I love their menu and went for my standard smoked salmon and eggs and ordered eggs and beans for little man. I expected you know Heinz kind of beans but was surprised when these wholesome, tomato covered super delicious beans turned up. Little man couldn’t eat them fast enough so I was hooked. I searched Google but couldn’t find the recipe so I made up my own and this is how it goes!

Soak some harricot beans in water for 24 hours

Fry an onion and garlic in some olive oil (I use frozen onions and garlic)

Add in a tin of chopped tomato

One tin of water

A tablespoon of tomato puree

A nice sprinkling of oregano, some salt and a little black pepper

Throw in the beans, boil then simmer for around 2 hours until the sauce has thickened and there you have some awesome tasting, super healthy and delicious beans. My girls can’t eat them fast enough!


Hope you enjoy them too!