The first hair cut

The first hair cut


This weekend weather-wise was pretty dire to say the least. We had our weekly Water Babies classes on Saturday and Sunday didn’t dare to venture out. I say that but we did. My husband took the little ones for the weekly Grandma and coffee visit which involves a large croissant for my three year old, anything my 1 year old can get her hands on…usually the majority of a slice of cake and two babychinos, one soya, one dairy.


I enjoyed my relentless hour at the gym squatting and lunging in my lycra. 9am is far too early for that on a Sunday morning but hey ho, needs must and if 9am is the time of freedom then I’ll make a run for it.


Needless to say, 3 minutes after arriving back from the gym, husband calls with the obligatory we are on our way home call. Basically stop what you’re doing hell will break loose when we arrive home in 10 minutes so no time for shower, embrace the carnage. Great! Can’t wait. Oh hold on a minute…didn’t you have something to tell mummy (he asks the three year old). My want haircut. Ok sweetheart. Mummy my want hair cut now. Ok.




Daddy what the hell happened? She wants her hair cut so please book it. Haircut??? She wants her hair cut? I suppose she wants her nails doing and her colour too? Phew just hair but this is a FIRST haircut. The moment I’ve been waiting for, for three years and now it’s hear. I’ll get them to tie up that first lock of hair with a bow and I’ll put it in her keepsake box. Will she want her hair at 18?’s a bit gross.


Ok, haircut booked for 2.30. This is going to be a nightmare.


Bag packed, snacks to the brim, iPad with Frozen. What more could a little girl want?


I have to say I was so impressed with her. She sat quietly watching the iPad getting her hair cut. Mummy didn’t get a lock of hair to take home, it wasn’t quite like I’d envisaged and I certainly didn’t fancy picking it off the floor!


Lovely hairdresser, super speedy haircut and one happy toddler, mummy and daddy.


The reward of course….chocolate!