Food, the bain of my life!

It’s been a relatively quiet month or so. The little ones or not so little ones are growing up so fast. My three year old is loving preschool, she even gets homework but we aren’t the best at getting it done and the younger one is walking away and learning new words every day. She’s’ certainly a cheeky little madam.

So what’s been going on with me? Well I’m nearly at 26 weeks, literally can’t believe it. Have gone from having the most unreal pregnancy with minimal symptoms to having a scan where the head came up too small and being sick and doubled over with cramps and unable to eat. Nothing is ever perfect.

Had a scan yesterday to check growth and the little one is doing ok as for the sickness and cramps it remains a mystery. One suggestion is a UTI but I don’t think it is, another is diet and constipation, a possibility and the third is unknown! So straight on to the diet it is and drinking a LOT of water, increasing fibre and fruit and praying it works!

It’s no easy feat when I have no appetite whatsoever and when looking at food leaves me queasy but life goes on and I know that the less I eat the more will be taken from my reserves leaving me tired and deficient. Not a great place to be with two loony toddlers around me and a four day work week. So nutribullet it is, fruit over veggies right now – I don’t really care, if the sugar boost gets me through then I’ll take it. I went off it for months because the consistency of the smoothie made me want to be sick but it’s time to get it back into my life to give me a nutritious boost.

Have any of you had anything similar during pregnancy?