Getting back into the groove – exercise time!

For those of you who have been following my blog right from the start, you probably guessed that I’m a bit of an exercise addict. Yes, I was one of those pregnant women who was in the gym the day before I gave birth, did yoga and pilates and still wished for the whole 9 months I could carry on jogging!!


It will come as no surprise that once I’d managed to pop the little one out one of the first things on my mind was…when can I get back to my exercise routine. Luckily my yoga teacher offered postnatal classes where you could take you LO’s with, they slept (well mine cried) while the mummies did some light stretches, poses and got a little relaxation, something that’s certainly hard to come by these days.


As much as I loved yoga, my heart was in another place – I needed something a little more demanding, however the gym and my Pilates teacher sensibly had a 6 week rule that only once you have been signed off by the doctor and you are feeling well you can start to exercise again.


I gradually increased the length of my walks with my LO over those six weeks ensuring I climbed hills and plodded down the other side until I regained some strength. The most important thing to remember postnatally is that you still have relaxin in your joints and so need to take extra care when exercising.


After my six weeks I did a check to see if my abdominal muscles had knitted back together, you do a small stomach crunch and use your finger to feel if there is a gap – mine were still about one finger width apart meaning I could start to exercise but needed to be careful not to exacerbate the gap – this meant that I needed to make sure that when I was doing any stomach toning exercises I was careful not to ‘dome’ the muscles forcing them to space back out again. And so I joined a Pilates ‘Spirals’ class to really start toning my core muscles again.


I combined this with my regular 5k walks with my LO strapped into her Bugaboo Camaleon and a basic training session back at the gym including more lunges and squats than any of my exercise sessions ever before.


My antenatal girls also decided to do a group training session and yep I’m one of those with FOMO (fear of missing out) and so I joined that too so more lunges, squats and air punches for me. The only downside being that because I spent so much time on the cross trainer while pregnant my LO has a tendency to love movement and … well … BabyBjorn One to the rescue, yep I ended up training with my LO in front of me. Lucky she doesn’t weigh too much yet but its certainly an added bonus for toning up!!!


This week with the sun shining and a spring in my step I decided it was time to start jogging again. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking but there is something about jogging that gives you the feel good factor. So I popped on my Nikes, ensured the LO was bundled up in the Bugaboo, had the SnoozeShade ready and off we went to exercise. It was so liberating to finally have the air blowing through my hair, pushing that buggy and jogging to some of my old tunes. I loved it, I finally felt as though I’d reclaimed some of the old me 🙂


So lets hope the weather stays and there are many more jogs to be done!


Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine xx