Healthy humous

Healthy humous – yum!

I kind of gave up on the whole BLW thing and let m 10 month old kind of go with the flow so it’s a bit of mix and match these days. It’s usually a mix of finger food and things like cottage pie or fish pie that I help him out with.

I’ve always been keen on making mealtimes something for all the family, well as much as possible which means my mealtimes have adapted to a new schedule. Lunch at around 11.30/12 and a snack tea at 4pm. Look, I’m no regimented mother and the timings change on a daily basis to adapt to everyones hunger pangs!

But one thing I have noticed is how perceptive little ones are! I love to snack on humous and carrots and usually eat eggs with salad (cucumber, tomato and pepper) for lunch. I’m. creature of habit. Sometimes there’s mushrooms in there or kale to change it up or I throw in some turmeric and tomato.

My 10 month old watches me like a hawk. Literally, mouth open salivating and cries if he doesn’t get to share a mouthful! So out of the window went any fear of allergy and he dived straight into the humous and carrot, more like he’ll eat the tub of humous. Soon enough my 2 year old caught on and now each time she demands some “pumous” and carrot eating the lot.

Well, I thought the salad part was at least safe considering my eldest thinks cucumber came from the devil and the middle one would happily munch through the whole cucumber at 6am but the tomato and peppers were mine for sure. It didn’t last long, now I get “mummy can I try it” “more peas” and soon enough I’m the hungry one who lost all their food.  I probably shouldn’t have expected much more.

Needless to say, I decided to get a bit adventurous and try some DIY humous so off I went to buy the chickpeas, tahini, lemon and garlic and decided to use my nutribullet to mix it all up.

Lesson learnt – nutribullets are great but not for humous unless you like finding whole chickpeas among the mix!

Anyway it was all a bit of fun ant I tried out the recipe from Deliciously Ella which was delicious and I’ll highly recommend it but for me, I love the real Israeli stuff so need to refine my recipes and find one which hits the nail on the head!

If you have any favourite recipes – feel free to drop me a note as I’m always looking for inspiration!