Help! Is this teething?

It’s been a fun filled few days (ignore the sarcasm!) it would appear that my three month old little girl is … TEETHING! (yep I say this through gritted teeth). It’s as though you finally get into a routine things are going swimmingly and all of a sudden you have been thrown a curve ball – teething is a whole other world.


Initially I ignored it and put it dow to my LO being grumpy but my husband was adamant it was something more, low and behold after coffee with his mum, a very upset bubba and a few teething toys to calm her it started to look as though they had hit the nail on the head. I never realised it can start this early and its unlikely we will see a tooth for many months but in the meantime we need to make her feel a little bit better.


I kept wondering why she was constantly chewing on her fists and arms so much that they chapped, she hated her bottle, then came a little more dribble and eventually I put one of those teethers that come with toys into her mouth and she loved it. Next up was the green poop, then diarrhoea (we are now at the opposite end of the spectrum from her constipation!). I finally apologised to my husband and embarked on our latest escapade to combat teething pain!


Calgel didn’t really touch it, Calpol knocked her out for hours (she certainly had plenty of sleep), next up were Nelsons teething granules which are fantastic for calming my LO but don’t seem to touch the pain.  I tried a few cold teething toys, they didn’t help much as she is so small and doesn’t want to keep them in.


Last of all and after several recommendations from friends we tried Anbesol – it was like a miracle cure…my LO finally calmed.


We still haven’t found the ideal combination of calpol / teethers / gel so i’m sure there will be plenty more posts to come but I’d love to hear all of your hints and tips, anything to make my LO feel better and for my ears to stop ringing!!