Hypnobirthing…does it really work?

When it comes to giving birth I’ll do anything to try and avoid the topic. Of course I had an idea of what I was letting myself in for before I got pregnant but I didn’t really think much more of it.

As D day is gradually approaching, I decided that it was time to turn to those chapters in my pregnancy books titled ‘Labour’. Straight away fear swept through my body, I know I’m going to have to do this but I’m absolutely terrified.

Watching ‘one born every minute’ helped a bit but it still looked horrendously painful, something I really was not looking forward to. Every new mother I’ve spoken to laughed when I said I didn’t want an epidural, many simply stating ‘are you crazy?! Take all the pain relief you are offered, seriously when you get to the hospital you will be begging for it!’ Oh dear, that wasn’t helping.

I knew there had to be another way, my active birth yoga teacher regularly talks about breathing the baby out, sounds a little insane to be but the more she talked about it and explained, the more logical it was becoming. If I could get myself into a relaxed state away from the stresses and strains, I might just be able to do it.

I’d also been hearing about hypnobirthing but was pretty sceptical, if it works fantastic, if not well at least I tried!

Last night we had our first hypnobirthing class, my husband must have initially thought I was slightly crazy but after understanding the history of birthing and how hypnosis fits in, our perceptions of the experience completely changed.

Next we were shown some births, I cringed at the idea. After all, any births I’d seen were exceptionally dramatized on television or involved what looked like terrible pain and discomfort. These births were completely different, the women were quiet, serene, incredibly relaxed and the baby was gentle eased out into the world. It was unbelievable, could this really be happening?

I still have a long way to go with becoming relaxed about my baby coming into this world but I’ve only just started. I can definitely see how hypnobirthing helps with the whole experience and have already signed up for the rest of the course.

I’m now starting to look forward to giving birth to our little one and gradually my fears are being put behind me.

Have any of you had experiences with hypnobirthing?