I’m back!

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post but I’ve been taking a lot of time out since my son was born to really focus on myself and my life and in doing so, I felt I needed a break from the blog and social media.

The past 20 months or so have been an incredible learning experience from having a water birth to breastfeeding my son, to working on my health and nutrition and emotional wellbeing. A journey that’s been long overdue and only now having been made redundant weeks before his birth am I starting to feel the rewards of the time I’ve put in.

It’s seen epic highs and devastating lows and by no means is the journey complete but I feel one step further forward.

Diet and nutrition has and continues to play a big part in my life as does movement and exercise. Although most people see me walking the dog everyday, it’s time out, it’s me time and it’s an opportunity to reconnect with my barefoot feet and walk firmly on the ground.


I’m working with some incredible people, old and young and I’m hoping along the way I’ll be able to share some nuggets of wisdom with you all and you’ll be able to see that although my life is less than perfect it’s possible, even in the most desolate of times to find happiness and to let the sun shine through.


That’s probably enough of my rambling for now but onwards and upwards and here’s to the next chapter in my life! Hope you will all join me along the way 🙂 x