Injections – ouch :(

It’s been fun and games over the past few weeks and out LO has managed to get into a perfect routine, feeding every four hours, napping in the day and usually going to sleep after a bath and bottle at 7pm, all sounds fantastic, eh?

It’s been great and we have finally reclaimed our evenings so we can’t really complain. As i’m sure you’re all well aware at 8 weeks the LO’s have their first set of injections. I have to say I was pretty apprehensive, at the end of the day no parent wants a needle to go anywhere near their precious little one or to see them in pain and I was no different.

My husband was at work so it was down to me to take the little one. After nervously waiting it was our turn to see the nurse, after the initial oral dose next up was the actual injections, I couldn’t watch and my poor bubba certainly wasn’t too happy but after some cuddles she quickly settled down and I took her home.

She was ok for the rest of the day, a little groggy but we still managed our usual walk, it wasn’t until her 3pm feed and she woke up hat everything changed, I quickly gave her some calpol and she settled down again.

It wash;t really until the next day that we really noticed something was up, she didn’t have a temperature, her thighs were sore as expected but she was unbelievable clingy, we just couldn’t put her down poor thing. The routine went out of the window, sometimes she wanted her milk, others not. It was a difficult couple of days and we are now back into our routine but as soon as we are we have the next batch of injections – so typical!

Not sure how the next ones are going to go but at least we have death with round one!

How did you find your little ones injections? Did they react to them?