The journey to number three!


The weeks appear to be flying by at the moment and unintentionally I’ve let the blog slide a little. It’s been hectic to say the least. I’m fine, the bump is growing nearly hit the 20 week marker and it’s been a rollercoaster of a journey.


My little ones are surprising me by the minute. My eldest graduated to pre-school which for her is a massive thing and she refuses to call her nursery, ‘nursery’ she’s now officially as she calls it a ‘big little girl’ who goes to pre-school. It was kind of emotional when she moved up, the acceptance that she is no longer a toddler she’s a fully opinionated little girl.


As for my youngest, she’s 15 months already and is embracing the toddler life desperately trying to follow in the footsteps of her elder sister. She’s taken her first few steps and now we are waiting for the big moment when she’s off toddling away and being even more curious. We aren’t too far off!


As for me, life has been filled with work and my girls. Little time to even think about pregnancy but its flying by surprisingly well. I’m keeping up my exercise, it’s a little more hardcore than during my last pregnancies filled with barefoot squats, Olympic lifts (back down to a safe 20kg though) and hanging to straighten out my spine. So far so good. Trying to keep my nutribullet consumption up although pregnancy is forever changing my tastes and what works one day can make me gag the next but as long as I’m balancing out my diet as best I can I’m happy and by some miracle I haven’t been waking up for that irritating midnight snack.


Sleeping is getting trickier especially with my eldest partial to a night in ‘mummy daddy bed’ it’s so uncomfortable but strangely I’m happier sleeping on my tummy than on my side or back. I’m going with whatever works, sleep is a luxury. My youngest is starting to sleep occasionally through the night so I’m hoping this is the start of what’s to come and then she can move in to join her elder sister for nights of what I’m assuming will be endless fun. I’m hoping they comfort each other and they both sleep – wishful thinking I know.


Many of you will know I struggled with antenatal depression and PND the past two pregnancies so I’m working hard to try to keep it all at bay. I’ve had a few let downs hence why the blog went a little off piste but I’m hoping all my hard work pays off and this pregnancy continues well into the fifth month!


That’s it from me for now but keep in touch and I’m going to do my best to get this blog back on board so you can join me on my journey to number three and beyond!