Let’s get cooking

So today’s post was supposed to be all about batch cooking! For some reason it was the theme for yesterday, my neighbour was asking if i’d started and then at antenatal class the girls were all deciding what they were going to cook up and the issue of finding space in the freezer!

It hadn’t really crossed my mind until now that I might need to stock the freezer up ahead of the little one’s arrival but the big question looming is what to cook. Yes, I’ll probably make the standard bolognese, meatballs and chilli but i’m a big fan of fresh food because of my restricted diet. Will I really struggle to find time to pop a piece of salmon in the oven and to microwave some veg?

My plan is to batch cook some things but to ensure the freezer is stocked ready with chicken breasts to be defrosted, fish and frozen veggies so at least we have some healthy and easy to cook items to hand.

My next thought was….snacks. I can’t really eat many supermarket ready items and you have probably noticed that over the past few months I’ve been looking into raw foods and natural snack alternatives. Most of these can be frozen in small batches and taken out when needed. So, my plan for the next few weeks is to establish my favourites and get cooking – ¬†at least this way while i’m waiting for my salmon to cook i’ll have a healthy snack to boost my energy in the meantime.

It’s so hard to know at this stage how much a newborn will change our lives. Everyone keeps on telling us the worst that we will literally have time to do absolutely nothing, but with two of us on hand, maybe i’m being a little naive? I think we can manage and as long as we have something stocked up in the house at least we won’t be out of food and will be able to throw something together easily.

Have you started cooking? What preparations have you been making?