Life as a working mum of two

Happy New Year to one and all! Hello 2017 and oh hello work!!

Yep, you got it, bye bye maternity leave. 11 months of ups and downs and I’m back to the daily grind. New nursery, new commute, new car park, new challenges. I’m a working mum of two.

With one it’s relatively easy, you get dressed, you get the little one dressed and away you go. With two you’re chasing a crawler around a toddlers room with one sock on, one arm in and toothpaste everywhere while trying to console your toddler that it’s ok we wake up at 6.30 now not the old 8.30, there is no time for TV it’s a quick, get dressed, brush your teeth, milk and into the car bundled with bags coats, bunny, muzzy and a milk cup for good luck.

It’s been three days, I’ve survived. I’ve made it to nursery for 7.45 each morning, thrown my kids at the relative carer, bombed it down the road to the station car park. Skidded into a space, figured out the pay by phone and made it onto the 08.10 train into Farringdon. Breathe.

Nope, no breathe, can’t find my headphones because I brought the milk cup with by mistake. Shoes? I’m still wearing my uggs and I’m praying that by some miracle I put my flats in my laptop bag. Phew, I remembered that too.

Repeat the same backwards at 4.30pm plus bedtime for two overtired children and we are done.

Bring on the weekend. I’m exhausted!

How have you found being a working mum?