It’s nearly party time

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe it’s my daughters second birthday is in just over a month, where has the time gone? Those of you who regularly follow the blog will know that I’m also due with no 2 around the same time and so I’ve decided to hold an early birthday party for all of the toddlers. Last year’s party was certainly a success, we went to our local children’s farm but that also came with a lovely price tag. Yes, I should have listened to all the other mummies out there and gone for the more low-key afternoon tea as no one year old really remembers a petting zoo but anyway, it was lovely. This year with a rather large bump in front of me, we are scaling down a little. I feel a little mean not doing any sort of celebration so I’ve decided to go with the tea at home with a twist. We are going retro, cheese and pineapple, jelly and pass the parcel.


I’m quite excited about it all to say the least however I’m feeling particularly disorganised right now when I need to bake and decorate a cake along with prepare food and set up a party all by Sunday lunchtime when I’m working till the end of the week! It’s going to be a bit of a challenge but we are up for it and I hope my little one and her friends have fun.


We are starting off the party with an arts and crafts session – making faces on paper plates, followed by pin the tail on the donkey (minus blindfolds, they are two years old afterall!) and concluding with a little dancing to some nursery rhymes and pass the parcel. I think that should probably do it for the little ones and obviously there will be plenty of food, snacks and most importantly cake. Now I haven’t made a decent cake for years so I’m slightly apprehensive about this year’s creation as we had it professionally made last year but I’m proud to say I’m going to be attempting to create a Raa Raa the noisy lion cake – wish me luck!


Anyways I better get back to my party planning and food ordering but feel free to send any hints and tips my way and I’ll keep you posted on how the party goes J