No meal is complete without dessert….

To put it simply – I have a sweet tooth having only wanted savoury foods at the start of my pregnancy, six months on, it’s back with a vengeance and all I want is something sweet and tasty. At my latest appointment, my dietician was having none of it, I knew she was right but all I wanted was that one spoon of nutella or a bite of my husband’s dessert despite knowing full well that once I’d had a taste I probably wouldn’t feel so great and ignoring that I’d inevitably want another bite!

I was pissed off, frustrated, angry, tired and hormonal and all I could think of day in and day out was eating something naughty but nice. The novelty of flapjacks had worn off, 85% Green & Blacks would occasionally do the trick but none of it really hit the nail on the head! This yummy dessert was going to have to be different, Nakd bars although pretty tasty were getting a bit boring these days and walking up down the ‘free-from’ isles in my local supermarkets is just depressing, cakes, muffins, biscuits and now mince pies were being thrown into the mix – it’s just a nightmare.

A colleague was telling me about some recipes she had come across, they were a bit different but pretty simple to make and tasted great, I couldn’t wait for the email to land in my inbox! It was so exciting, brownies, cheesecake, caramel and chocolate bites – it all sounded like heaven with a twist they all contained foods I could eat, were sweet and looked amazing!

That was it, I was on a mission, I quickly scribbled down my shopping list of ingredients so I could pop into Waitrose on my way home – my husband thought I’d gone mad as the Ocado order was scheduled this evening but I’d only just heard about these recipes and was pretty desperate.

It was decided tonight I was going to make a double chocolate cheesecake, I had most of the ingredients but was missing the cacao butter for the base so swapped it for some coconut oil, not as tasty but it certainly did the trick. Next came the filling – avocado in a ‘cheesecake’ – have to say I was sceptical but after tossing all of the ingredients in the food processor and blending for around 5 minutes, I dipped in my finger and it was surprisingly refreshing and delicious!

After spreading the filling onto the base I couldn’t wait to get my cheesecake into the freezer so I could enjoy it after my dinner.

An hour later and voilà – I was finally enjoying a yummy chocolaty dessert filled with goodness, it is pretty rich so be sure to only eat a small-ish piece at a time 🙂

Thanks @deliciouslyella you certainly made my evening!