Pots about pots

For those of you who have hit the weaning stage, you will know what I mean, there’s pots and there are POTS.


I love cooking food for my little ones, I find cooking relatively therapeutic when I don’t have a toddler attached to my leg, it’s much cheaper than constantly stocking up on pouches and my little ones get to taste a wider range of foods. Sounds great? It is, I love it and the greatest part of all is that you can batch cook things like chicken casserole and bolognese and pop them in the freezer for a convenient time.


Little people have growing needs, when we started off weaning, my little one was full up on a tiny ice cube size portion. Shortly after we moved up to the large ice cube trays which are fab especially when you have a silicone one like this. For travelling or feeding on the go I tend to warm up an ice cube or two and put them into either a small tupperware or tommee tippee pots which are great and non slip but occasionally the lid isn’t on correctly and yeah you guessed it your bag is a banana covered mush. Not so great.



Then there are portion pots from places like Tesco that fit in a tray, they line up perfectly in your freezer but the lids pop off too easily and they are no use at all for travelling. And then we found these….


These are fantastic pots by Vital Baby, relatively new to the market but they are super. Why? Simple, they lock into the freezer tray meaning they don’t all fall out the second you pop them in the freezer and the lids stay put and are perfect for warming up food and using on the go. There are some other great products in the Vital baby weaning range which we have been fortunate to try out including a small beaker for teeny tiny hands and the unbelievabowl that stays put during those super messy mealtimes meaning less mess on the floor and that your little one can’t throw the bowl overboard. Not to mention there are spoons and a bowl for keeping your food nice and warm at home and on the go. Definitely worth checking out some of these products, they might sound a little gadgety but they make the weaning journey a whole lot easier!


We would love to hear about how you got on with your little ones. Are there any gadgets or products which stood out for you?