Pregnancy & Pilates…really?

Pregnancy and exercise, now those are two words which don’t seem to go together! Yes, some forms of exercise are perfectly pregnancy safe! Pregnancy isn’t the time to start training for that marathon or trying out a new sport but things like pregnancy yoga, pilates and keeping up that daily walk do wonders for your wellbeing during what can be quite a challenging time.

During my last pregnancy I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy yoga classes, they weren’t quite the thing I was expecting but were fantastic for relaxing and switching off after a busy day in the office. I also signed up for my local pregnancy pilates class which focused more on strengthening and toning both areas that helped during pregnancy especially with SPD and supporting that bump. 20 months on and one toddler later it’s not quite so easy popping out during the evenings to these classes and half the time I’m so exhausted that the thought of moving anywhere is just too much so I’ve been looking for some alternatives.

If possible, during my lunch hour I go for a 20 minute walk near my office just to get some fresh air and get moving, it makes afternoons feel so much better. I still signed up to my yoga classes but it’s hit and miss as to when I can make them. My LO has been teething and had a horrendous cold recently so I’ve been reluctant to leave her. And so…I’ve never been the greatest fan of online / youtube for exercise as it’s never quite right but I’ve come across a fantastic course by Dr Joanna Helcke an online pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert. She  runs a tailored pregnancy pilates course and every week you get sent a new video of exercises to focus on that week, fully explained so you can do them in your own time at home.

I signed up to the course a few weeks back and it’s been fantastic, just like the classes I used to go to but they fit in perfectly with my schedule and mean that i’m home if my LG needs me and get the pregnancy support that I need when I want it most. I can’t wait for next week’s instalment!

As well as the pregnancy yoga, you also receive helpful tips on pregnancy and diet another area that’s particularly important to me.

Have any of you found it harder second time round especially when it comes to health and wellbeing?