Return of the pox

So it would seem, just when everything is going pretty smoothly….we have the return of the pox. My LO first had it at nine months and yes everyone always tells you when they get it so young that they might get it again but you don’t actually believe them, do you? No!

There I was grinning and smiling telling all my friends just how happy I was that my little one has had pox and we can enjoy a pox free life now on. Right! Awesome!

Only it’s happened, every parent’s worst nightmare, the return of the pox. It does what it says on the tin, strikes when you least expect it and turns your usual bubbly and happy toddler into a clingy, spotty and grumpy mess. Still love her all the same but it really doesn’t get easier with age!

This time we are prepared though, we still have the remnants of the bicarbonate of soda for the bath, half a tube of Virasoothe (fabulous stuff), Piriton and Calpol on tap and we are armed with not only Calamine lotion but the aqueous version too. We are ready for you pox and we will fight back!

If only it was all so simple. I nearly cried when I took a look at my little ones spots this morning, they look so uncomfortable πŸ™ she seems to be fairing pretty well considering all. Anyway we are day two in, many more to go!

I’m praying this lot clears pretty quickly as it’s proving a bit tricky trying to work and take conference calls from home with a needy toddler attached to my leg! On the other hand I have to say i’m loving all the cuddles and kisses that come with it.

Anyway, better run, she’s due to wake up any moment – shhh!!!

Back to the fun it is! If you have any hints and tips do leave me a message below, any pearls of wisdom are greatly appreciated πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Return of the pox

  1. Wow twice! Well at least it is over now and you were ready for it. My heart also broke when I saw my little ones spots. They just looked so angry and painful. xx

    • It’s just so mean that they have to go through this but fingers crossed we are done with pox for good! πŸ™‚

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