Snacks – flapjack time

I’m always rooting around for something tasty for ‘elevensees’ as I’m a bit sick of eating plain cashew nuts, a banana or just plain oatcakes at my desk – it’s just so boring!

After spending many a lunchtime wandering the isles of M&S and Holland and Barrett I decided flapjacks would be a good wholesome and potentially nutritious snack plus they always look really scrummy. Only problem was it that they are full of sugar or golden syrup, it’s no wonder the shop ones taste amazing.

After a quick look on Google I came across a recipe on Mumsnet, ok so it was for small children but it sounded perfect, no added sugar, dried fruit and a banana to add a little sweetness. I quickly rushed home via my local Waitrose to pick up the ingredients and set to work making my version of the flapjacks.

They looked ok, a bit flaky and dry, they weren’t the best but that was fine in my eyes, they were my first batch after all. My husband on the other hand was not remotely impressed!

Ok, so the recipe has pretty good ratings so how can I mix it up so my flapjacks taste worthy enough to be served up as afternoon tea!

Simple! This time, I let the bananas really ripen so they were really sweet (slightly green doesn’t work!) and mashed them up, next I added a few handfuls of dried fruit – this can be whatever you fancy really personally I went for some raisins, chopped dates and d figs. I have a pretty sweet tooth and after the disastrous batch last time I came across some maple syrup left over in the cupboard so I added in a dash to the mixture.

Mixed it all up in the bowl with the oil and vanilla essence and left it for 5 mins to soak in. Patted it all down into the baking tray and baked for around 30 mins so the top was a little crunchy and slightly golden.

This time, the cooked version looked SO much better than my initial attempt and was yummy, fruity and full of natural goodness. I’m sure that you can keep building this recipe maybe including some dark chocolate nibs, swapping the banana for apple puree etc but all in all it’s a pretty tasty and wholesome snack!