Stage 2: The BIG wean

How time flies, we are nearly into our third month of weaning!! I know – how did that happen? Well I blinked and it sure did.


We are coming up to the six month mark in a few weeks and we have progressed from eating a small ice cube worth of smooth puree to more lumpy mixes such as spinach and apple; butternut squash, carrot and sweet potato; broccoli, cauliflower and pear and banana and avocado.


I was pretty determined early on to push my little one onto the lumpy stage as soon as possible, i’m not a great fan of puree based weaning and I’m much more inclined to go down the baby let route this time round especially as my LO loves holding a carrot stick or a piece of broccoli while she’s trying out her puree but in terms of convenience, spoon feeding is much easier and less messy while out and about.


So where do we go next? It’s possible my little on has cows milk protein intolerance and might be sensitive to gluten too so it is tricky however i’m not entirely convinced she is as sensitive as they make out. She’s adjusted well to the various purees and has certainly calmed down when it comes to ┬átummy aches and screaming after meals so i’m going with my gut instinct on this one and i’m going to gradually add in some new things to her diet.


This morning we were out at my toddler’s ballet class and she was eating a bagel which she desperately wanted to share with her little sister. She’s very loving and they are so sweet together (mummy smiles!!). But seriously I took the piece of bagel and let her hold it, suck on it and chew on it and she couldn’t have been happier. I got home and waited for the screaming tummy ache and…nothing, she’s been as calm as can be.


I know, i’m pretty lucky right now but i’m taking this weaning journey slowly and this time i’m listening to my LO rather than pushing and spooning everything as fast as I can just so we move through the fruit and veg spectrum as fast as possible. This time i’m letting her decide how much she wants to eat, i’m watching her reactions to the different flavours and textures and i’m looking closely after to see if there are any reactions or periods of discomfort.


What I have found is that by bringing dinner earlier so around 3.30 / 4pm she has enough time to let the food digest, do a number two and is hungry enough for a bottle by bedtime. It’s all about adjusting to your baby’s routine and needs. With my first child I loved having a routine and I was lucky she adapted so well to it and everything ran as clockwork. This time around it’s definitely been more about listening and responding to my LO rather than trying to get her to fit in with me. Yes, there are times when her naps are so inconveniently placed but I now know that missing that nap means the rest of the day is a pretty fraught battle with an overtired baby.


You pick and choose your battles but weaning is and can be an exceptionally fun part of your baby’s growth and development and getting it right means calm mummy, calm baby and a happy team. I wish so much could be said for her nighttime sleep but that’s for another day!