Super simple chicken

If you’re anything like me, finding time to cook while looking after two little ones is near impossible. It’s no easy feat trying to cook with a toddler wrapped around your leg and a baby crying for attention but I’m not a big fan of ready meals and I much prefer knowing what i’m feeding my kids.


I was looking for something I can purée up for my six month old and something palatable enough for my toddlers dinner and that’s when I thought about making a casserole.


They are so easy to make and you can play about with different varieties and flavours. I tend to make mine using chicken thighs as they are more tasty and more nutrient dense than breast but you can make this with anything really from beef, chicken or fish or even add in chickpeas and lentils for more protein or as a vegetarian alternative.


You can add in pretty much anything. I tend to use frozen garlic and onions for a start, firstly it saves chopping them all up and it’s more convenient. Then I defrosted some butternut squash and added that in, same with peas and corn my toddlers favourite and I chopped up a few carrots that I also had in the fridge.



I added in the chicken thighs and poured over a tin of chopped tomatoes, I then half filled the tin with water and poured that over. I sprinkled in some mixed herbs so oregano, basil etc to add a little more flavour. See what you have in, rosemary and thyme are good alternatives and bring some more flavour into the casserole.


Mix it all up, pop a lid on your casserole dish and pop it in the oven on 180 for around an hour. Check the chicken to ensure the juices run clear.


I usually leave it to cool for a bit then I take out the thighs and strip off the skin and bone leaving the meat and add that back into the mixture.


For my toddler I serve it as it is with some mashed potato, quinoa, rice or pasta and for my 6 month old I pop some in a blender using the sauce until I get the right consistency. I serve hers with mashed potato or quinoa.


So there you go, simple casserole to make for all the family!