Super smooth

I’m pretty boring when it comes to food and drink. It’s not exactly my fault, being lactose and gluten intolerant plus needing a low GI diet I have to be super careful with my choices, hence the boring repetition with my lunches and dinners. Ok, I know it doesn’t have to be THAT boring but I’ve never been one with a big appetite who really fancied eating this or that. I merely eat because I know I have to and as long as its reasonably tasty and fits my small list of tolerable foods then that’s fine by me.


My husband hates it and loves a good moan about the fact there is only ever chicken or fish in our fridge and that my little girl seems to get the most fantastic home cooked food and all he ever sees of it are the frozen cubes in the freezer! Oops – bad wife alert!


Anyway back to the point of my post, I like a good smoothie. It’s hard to find something that’s chocolaty enough, is dairy free and is pretty much free from refined sugar. It doesn’t really exist. Well that’s what I thought until recently when all of a sudden everyone seems to be doing a ‘dairy-dree’ healthy shake. Fantastic!


Well it’s great news but it’s all about finding the right one, some taste too bland, some aren’t realistic enough and others…they are just plain rank. So here is my lowdown:


Leon – fantastic dairy free shake, I’m a big fan of their chocolate one in-fact I’ve drunk so much of it I’m having to take a break so I can appreciate it. It’s not overly sweet, not too creamy it tastes naturally good.


Pret –I quite like their chocolate one but it’s blended with banana so it is quite sweet. Not my fave but it comes in a bottle so you can slowly sip it on the go.


Rebel Mylk – now I came across this little fella while doing an Ocado shop, I was so excited and couldn’t wait another few days for my shop to arrive and happened to come across in down the aisles of Waitrose. This stuff is seriously good. Just sweet enough, has the right texture and hits the nail on the head! Definitely my new fave and the cartons are pretty funky too!


And…if all else fails, make your own which I did with little to no success. It’s all about getting the perfect balance of ingredients so the texture is right, sweetness is right and there are no floaty chocolate bits on the top!


Any of you have some good recipes? Feel free to share!