A temperature in hot temperatures

A temperature in hot temperatures

It’s been exceptionally busy in our house over the past week. I had a tummy bug so haven’t been able to eat much. The heatwave hit and my youngest hasn’t been well at all. It might sound like an exaggeration but I’ve honestly never felt a child burning up like she did the other day. She was so hot to touch it was actually frightening and all I could think of doing was putting her in the paddling pool screaming to try to cool her down. Either that or it was a trip to A&E. Calpol didn’t touch it, nothing did. Accompanying the high temperature was sickness, diarrhoea and a horrible wheezy chesty cough.

Enough was enough so we took her to the doctors. After an examination and her throwing up all over me it was confirmed that she had what looked like a chest infection and she needed antibiotics plus an inhaler to help with her breathing.

To an adult, giving an inhaler looks so simple but trying to place an oxygen mask type spacer over my 18 month old’s nose and mouth, holding it in place and pressing the inhaler plus getting her to breathe it in is somewhat a work of art. I’m sure many of you will emphasise, it’s not an easy process and my LO screamed so I tried my best to make sure when she inhaled the mask was over so she took in the good stuff!

Tricky to say the least. 24 hours later and it’s like having a different child. She’s happy playing, she’s still off her food but is drinking milk and water and the temperature has gone down thankfully. I’ve taken her off dairy as I don’t want the mucous to build up and if raisins and Ella’s pouches are food of choice then so be it, the girl has to eat something although she is looking a little skinny having lost some of her chub while being ill.

I really feel for her, as if outside temperatures of 34 aren’t hot enough, having a temperature on top of that must have been unbearable. She was beside herself. We all live and learn! She might be my second child but still there are areas I haven’t covered with my eldest and this was one of them!

How have your little ones coped with the heat?