The beauty of sleep

Sleep, every parents dream. I don’t think I truly appreciated what sleep was until I became a mother and now it’s like a long lost dream.


My eldest was like a dream, 5 months and she slept through 7pm to 6am. When my youngest came along, sleep was definitely not on her agenda.


She spent the first six months in our room and I pandered to her every whimper, I fed through the night, I cuddled and kissed her constantly and she barely cried but seven months in it was too much, waking up 5 times a night for two sips of a bottle. I knew it wasn’t right but I was so exhausted I couldn’t face trying to sleep train her and break the habit.


I spoke to a sleep consultant she was rather hasty with me and wouldn’t let any of her secrets slip without me paying a hefty bill so I thought long and hard. Why do I need to pay someone to get my baby to sleep? I’m a mother and like all the mothers before me surely I can do this.


I trawled through google, ignored anything that suggested I leave her to cry it out and went with my instinct. I knew the problem was suck to sleep, I knew she didn’t care what it was whether it was milk or water so she wasn’t hungry, now all I needed to do was break the cycle. The question was how.


I gave myself a week to see an improvement and night one, exhausted mummy trundled downstairs, picked up a screaming child and cuddled her, it must have been an hour, I cuddled, rocked and soothed her back to sleep.  An hour or so later she was up again. I repeated the same thing, no bottle just a lot of love. The first night was the hardest but I knew it was always going to be the worst. The last wake up was relatively quick and I prayed night two would be easier.


Night two, fewer wake ups and quicker to soothe to sleep. Things were looking up. Night three a little regression but that’s ok. Night four, one midnight wake up then through till 6am. I’ll take that I thought.


Then night five, something magical happened, I lay awake waiting to be woken up and it never happened. She slept through till 6am!!!!! She slept!! I congratulated her and myself an incredible team I thought but too good to be true. Low and behold, the following night wasn’t great but two weeks in and we only get the occasional wake up, She tends to sleep through till 5.30am.


I’ll take that! So I’m now one proud mummy, I did it, I managed to get my baby girl to sleep through the night at 8 months old. Now the sleep depravation is catching up with me!!