The dreaded cold

After long debating whether I had the standard pregnancy sniffles or a cold, it finally happened on Saturday morning, I woke up feeling pretty horrific. Sore throat, stuffy nose, headache and a temperature – lovely. Just what you need when you are 35 weeks pregnant and you can’t take any of your usual medication. Goodbye Sudafed and hello natural remedies.

After some reading up, I found that from 32 weeks your immune system becomes lowered so that you don’t reject the baby – it’s all very clever but on the downside it means you are easily susceptible  to any germs and cold going around. Yep, thanks tube and stuffy office, you won this time!

It’s not the end of the world, yep I feel pretty rough but there are several things that you can do to alleviate the symptoms. My favourite and always has been is hot squash with honey, lemon and ginger. Secondly drink, drink, drink as much water as possible as that helps to clear the stuffiness and replaces any lost fluids from sweating. Next up, paracetamol, i’ve not been a fan of it through pregnancy but I think this is a time to consider taking it to bring down a temperature. Combine all of this with a lot of TLC, TV and rest 🙂

I’m definitely feeling slightly better but am expecting it to take longer than usual to get finally rid of this cold. The most important thing is to keep up the fluids and to try to keep eating even though you probably don’t feel like it – my appetite has certainly dissapeared.

If you are really struggling with the congestion, try Sterimar it’s a salt water nasal spray, it’s not the nicest thing but it certainly helps to dry things up.

Have you found anything to alleviate your symptoms?