Third time lucky

Third time lucky


Firstly I’d like to apologise for being a little quieter than usual with my posts over the past few months. There’s always a reason and it wasn’t my intention to let the blog slide but having returned to work and having a pretty hectic life with two under three, the blog got put on the back burner.


There’s also another reason…I’ve been tucked up in bed at a time I can only call a child’s bedtime purely and simply because the life of a working mother with a one year old who doesn’t sleep through is quite frankly exhausting.


But here’s the exciting part of it all so let’s cut the rabble and get to the point! Our amazing family of four is soon to become five!!!


Yep, you got it, number three is cooking away nicely in the oven hoping for a September birthday. It’s exciting yet terrifying at the same time. Luckily we have a big enough house for our expanding family but there is the issue of the car and how on earth you fit three car seats in the back. One newborn, one 20m old and a three year old who’s not heavy enough to move into a booster seat. We’ll come back to that later.


The past three months have been a complete whirlwind but exceptionally different from my other pregnancies. There’s been barely any sickness!!! A strange addiction to mushrooms and a need to eat hummus and carrots but nothing too untoward. Is it unfair to say I’ve breezed through it this time?


It’s been so tempting to binge on junk because of the tiredness of my toddlers but I haven’t had that horrendous wave of exhaustion I’ve experienced in the past it’s been phenomenal.


It could all go downhill from here but I’m hoping not. We had the most incredible 4D scan the other day, I’ve never seen clarity like it that made the little ball in my tummy become a reality of a kiwi sized baby growing in there.


So there we go, cat’s out of the bag and on with the baby blog we go!! I’m so excited to revisit all of the milestones and I’m feeling quite sentimental as this is most certainly going to be our last child so let’s all raise a big glass of water to third time luck (for the boy) otherwise my husband is….forever going to be attending Friday ballet classes!


Lots of love and can’t wait to hear from you all