Welcome back!

Welcome back!

After months of being MIA, numerous hospital appointments, still sleepless nights, reflux like you’ve never seen we are back!

Little man is now 5 months and certainly doesn’t look newborn all 7.3kg of him! He’s a happy little monkey despite having horrendous colds and being unable to breathe and feed but life must go on and so it is.

We started weaning a few weeks ago and he’s struggling to take to it. The girls were a complete breeze when it came to weaning, little man does what little man does and takes his time but we take it slow and hopefully it will become more enjoyable in time. For now he likes boob and a lot of boob. I know I should relish these moments.

So my freezer looks like purée heaven with all shades, textures and flavours waiting to be tried and tested by the little man himself.

Also hitting the 5 month mark means he’s a little more independent and can be left in the jumperoo, bouncer or playmat for long enough for me to get something done! Finally!

So I’m also starting to improve my diet and I’m finding time to add in a squat or two a day to strengthen my back as its playing up again. More on me, my diet and exercise soon but for now hit me up with all your weaning tips for those tricky little ones who aren’t too keen on standard weaning!

I sense a bit of BLW here we come!