Welcome to the world little one…

So it’s been a while since my last post but so much has happened – for starters we’ve had our little one.

It all started on 12th February when I went to have my 38 week scan, I’d been told two weeks earlier that the placenta was maturing slightly but there was nothing to worry about needless to say my 38 week scan couldn’t come soon enough, I was constantly worrying about my LO and whether they were ok. My 38 week scan was ok, we got to see the LO snuggled in my tummy, the heartbeat was perfect and everything looked to be fine. When we received the report, it said the placenta had matured a little more and the fluid volume was slightly low. I asked the sonographer what to do and he said everything was fine just keep an eye on the baby’s movements.

The movements had certainly slowed down that week and I just assumed the little one was running out of space. Thursday came and I had a good reflexology session, the baby was low and everything seemed to be heading in the right direction (excuse the pun!). That afternoon, I couldn’t help thinking about my scan result and with my next consultant appointment scheduled in two weeks I thought it was probably best to head down to the day centre to check everything was ok with the little one.

After nervously sitting being monitored for the best part of an hour and a half everything seemed to be ok. The baby was moving and heart rate perfect. It was then my turn to see the consultant, she again took a quick look at the baby and brashly told me that I needed to be induced – no problem I thought, I’ll come back in the morning and we can start the process. She quickly did a sweep and I thought that was it for the day, after all I was a bit shaken up by the latest revelations. I was wrong – they wanted to induce me there and then – HELP! I had less than an hour on my parking, hadn’t finished packing my hospital bags, my husband was in the office in central London and my dad on the steps to board a plane!!!

I panicked, called my husband and told him to get here immediately, I just didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t ready for this. My plan was for a water and hypnobirth with no pain relief, what was I going to do?! After a lot of persuasion, the consultant let me leave the hospital to collect my husband and my things and to return later that evening to be induced. I drove home in tears, jumped in the shower and packed everything but the kitchen sink including my famous birthing ball! Off we went back to the hospital, husband in tow and teary, distraught wife.

Within an hour of the induction process I started to have contractions and throughout the night I used all my hypnobirthing techniques and yoga breathing, including sitting on the ball, and managed 10 hours without pain relief but then tiredness set in and I lost my concentration. Shortly after I was on the gas and air and a few hours later at 4cm dilated was moved to the labour ward. It was a long day full of contractions, the gas and air made me sick, the tens machine wasn’t helping and we decided that by 4pm in the afternoon I needed some pain relief so I opted for pethadin. It helped to calm me and a few more hours and another dose passed but it was all getting to much and after being told by several anaesthatists that I should have an epidural, I allowed it. Instantly I felt relief! Wow!

My timing couldn’t have been worse, no sooner had the epidural taken, I was ready to push – uh oh,  how do you push when you can’t feel anything?! It’s a tricky one but then the epidural started to wear off and I could feel myself pushing the LO out, it was so difficult but I knew I was so nearly there but was so exhausted after 26 hours.  To top it off we had 30 mins to midnight and we were trying so hard for a Valentine’s day baby but it just wasn’t happening. With one final almighty push, the head was out and moments later the body and legs of my little one were out. I had done it!!!!!

I heard a cry and burst into tears – we had our little girl at 00.40am on Saturday 15th February weighing 5lbs 9oz and wow how life has changed since then!