Welcome to the world of reflux

With every new baby there comes a new challenge whether it be feeding, sleeping or pooing. There is always something. With my first it was always the burps, they were constantly stuck despite changing milks, burping for what seemed like an age or rubbing her tummy we just couldn’t get them out. Turned out she was tongue and lip tied but nobody realised until it was far too late and we had weaned her.

With my newborn it looks as though she has reflux. Not the standard sickly type but silent reflux which results in never ending inconsolable crying, struggling to feed and the notorious arching of the back. She hates to feed there is no other way to describe it and the crying is heartbreaking as nothing seems to make her feel better.

The doctors initially prescribed gaviscon which took the edge off but then left her constipated and feeling uncomfortable. That wasn’t the solution. Plus gaviscon causes havoc with bottle teats and finding the right one for the flow was proving very difficult. We use Dr Browns bottles and the milk didn’t flow through the number one or number two teats but with number three it was too fast.

Luckily our night nurse came to the rescue and suggested we try the MAM number two teat. Having bought a pack and put them into my Dr Browns bottles it looked as though we had found a happy medium.

Next up we were prescribed ranitidine but having done some research this can take up to two weeks to kick in – less than ideal and so while we are waiting for that to work I changed her milk. She was on hipp organic but was struggling to take more than 1oz at a time and so I felt we needed a change. A friend suggested Cow & agate anti-reflux milk it’s very thick but after a few days seems to be helping and finally my little one is taking 4oz! It’s a miracle!

We are by no means near the end but things are starting to look a bit brighter. We are still waiting to see the complete effect of the ranitidine but the crying and painful episodes are certainly reducing. The downside being the poo, ranitidine tends to have somewhat of a laxative effect so we are seeing several poo’s per feed which isn’t the greatest but it’s a weight sensitive medication so we will give it a few more days to see if it settles.

Many of you are probably wondering how you breast feed a baby with reflux. Well that is pretty tricky as I’m half breast feeding half bottle feeding. It’s been very difficult as breast milk is thinner than formula so tends to make reflux worse but I’m persevering with it as I don’t want to stop and lose my supply. There is the option of mixing some breast milk with formula but I haven’t tried that yet. However my LO is now starting to breast feed slightly better with the meds and bottle feeding in between. Worst case I’ll express until the reflux calms down and we can properly breast feed again.

What has your experience of reflux been like?