What a lovely surprise – Sassy Bloom

If your house is anything like ours there tends to be some sort of baby related delivery daily – I don’t mean a newborn or baby visitors I mean parcels. It’s actually now at the stage where I know the DHL, DPD, Amazon and Royal Mail postmen by their first name!!!


Yesterday we received our most exciting delivery to date and it was addressed to my little one!! She may only be 12 weeks old but yes she even gets her own post from time to time. I excitedly signed for the delivery noting the distinctive tape along the top – Sassy Bloom!!!


I hurriedly opened to box to find out what delights were in store for my little one. Luckily she was having a nap – perfect timing by the delivery man.


To my surprise  this month’s box contained a Cloud b gentle giraffe to soothe my LO on our travels, an O-Ball rattle perfect for her little fingers to clutch onto, a  Sleepy Tot CD to soothe her to sleep, a ‘princess on board’ t-shirt car sign (Sassy Bloom literally read my mind, I’d wanted one for the car since my LO was born but never had the change to get one) and one of those fantastic self sterilising MAM anti-colic bottles! I couldn’t have been happier :).


As soon as my LO stirred I brought her downstairs, sat her in her new Bumbo seat and let her play with the O-Ball rattle and she just loved it, it was perfect for her. This morning we headed off to our regular Hartbeeps class, ‘princess on board’ sign firmly affixed to the back window of the car and the Gentle Giraffe humming next to her in the back seat soothing my LO all the way to class.


Thank you Sassy Bloom for brining smiles to all the family, we can’t wait until next month for another box. If any of you fancy signing up, heres a link /  £5 voucher off your purchase – enjoy and wait for the smiles.