When it all falls down

Humpy dumpty sat on the wall

Humpty dumpty had a great….fall

A nursery rhyme we all know too well! That was my day yesterday. It’s only Wednesday and this week has been something of a disaster.

Why? You all ask! My little ones had a fantastic Hartbeeps party at the weekend filled with bubbles, fun and laughter. It was awesome if I may say so myself! But following the fabulous event was something not quite so awesome.

My one year old caught hand, foot and mouth, that lovely virus which makes you wake up and panic and thik oh s*** i’m dealing with a case of chicken pox. Nobody wants chicken pox, NOBODY! It’s like the plague. That’s fine though, my eldest had it twice and i’m kind of cool with dealing with a chicken pox outbreak. Hand, foot and mouth, you are nothing but an inconvenience. At least with pox occasionally you gain immunity so you’re done for a bit unless your my 3 year old and she got it twice!

Back to the point. No parent likes a phone call from nursery. You see nursery flash up and automatically your heart sinks. Usually it’s a temperature or another kid bumped them. Yesterday took on a whole new level. My husband had already called me 5 times throughout the day to tell me meaningless rubbish which is awkward when sitting in a deadly silent open plan office but hey, that’s husbands for you. Needless to say at 16.05 he called again and was greeted by a grumpy wife hissing ‘what can you possibly want NOW?’ down the phone. Turns out it was something important, our elder daughter had an accident and he was on his way to see her because they had called an ambulance.

Yes, AMBULANCE. Ambulance, child and nursery are a combination of words you don’t want to hear together, you fear the worst. I nervously laughed, told my boss and sheepishly asked if I could leave. I legged it out of the office to the station to find I had an 11 minute wait for the train. 11 minutes is a VERY long time when you have a child in desperate need of mummy cuddles.

Waiting for the train I was updated on the situation, she was running, caught a chair leg, the chair flipped and she cut her head. She needed to go to A&E. At this point I was having a nervous breakdown, 5 minutes to the train, a 25 minute train journey then a 15 minute drive to the hospital. I was a while away.

The train took forever, it didn’t really but in any emergency things take forever but I made my plan. Daddy promised her a muffin for being good so mummy had to go to the shops, acquire snacks and drinks and said muffin and head to the hospital plus find some items to keep a tired 1 year old happy as she was being dragged with. Made it to the station, ran to my car, busied round Sainsbury’s Local like a deranged idiot, acquired all items to keep toddler, daddy and baby happy and jumped back in the car. Parked up at A&E, took a deep breath to find daddy, little one and toddler playing away happily in the waiting room. PHEW!

The wait was long and in the end I had to take the little one home and the nursery teacher leaving daddy and toddler behind for the nasty part. Gluing her head back together again and some butterfly stitches. Daddy nearly passed out, toddler screamed the place down but was happily rewarded with a muffin and a few mini eggs and a fruit shoot.

Honestly, my toddler is so brave. She came home, stayed up and played and watched some TV then came to bed with me and cuddled up. She was so happy this morning she requested she goes to nursery to see all of her friends!

So there we go, humpty dumpty was put back together again!