When the going gets tough

When is it the right time to slow down?! It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the past month, at 33 weeks I’m still working full time, fitting in pilates, yoga, NCT, hypnobirthing, reflexology and a few gym sessions – all sounds pretty hectic and crazy. Everyone keeps on telling me to slow down, sounds so simple, no?

Yes, things are getting more difficult, I have to walk / waddle slower for a start and by the evening I’m pretty tired but I guess I’m worried about what will happen if I slow down? Will my body go into meltdown, if I stop working will I just spend my days watching tv and munching? So many questions keep running through my head but at the end of the day even though I’m tired, I certainly have stamina and I’m hoping by keeping up my exercise routine which has gone from being cardio focused to more relaxed and toning that when it comes to D-day things are a little easier.

It’s a tough one to call. I guess the main thing playing on my mind is what will happen to my stomach if I slow down and stop some of my activities. It’s already pretty sluggish thanks to those lovely hormones and exercising stimulates my stomach to work, digest and keep on going. I’m hoping I can keep up the gentle exercise for the next six weeks but I’m know that I’m going to have to play it by ear a little and listen to my body. After all for the next six weeks the little person wriggling around in my belly is my priority and nourishing and caring for them will always come first.

Have any of you been apprehensive about slowing down? How did you manage it?