Whole food, BLW? WTF?!

Everywhere we look these days we are told about the benefits of eating whole foods, awesome, I love eating a handful of dry, tasteless almonds and washing it down with a glass of coconut water. NOT. But we are talking whole foods and these are super rich foods in terms of nutrition. Ok, that was a little harsh, I love a good quinoa salad, I love fresh almond milk on my cereal and I love snacking on nuts, seeds and fruits but how does this work with little ones?


My friends always thought of me as being a little controversial when it comes to cooking meals for my toddler, spelt pasta, quinoa and nut butter were all part of the list. They thought I was nuts, maybe I was but my little girl couldn’t get enough. Banana bread made with no refined sugar, wholemeal spelt flour and date syrup – delicious and no added nasties. They turned up their noses and went for the sugar filled muffins.


Sometimes I don’t care. I have a restricted diet and it’s easier to make a meal for all the family to enjoy rather than making separate meals and that it partly why I started writing this blog.


I love reading recipe books so I jumped at the chance to have a sneaky peek at Whole Food Baby by Michele Olivier. Finally a book that incorporates many of the foods I love to eat that are also child friendly. Nutritious and delicious – awesome. The book is full of recipes perfect for weaning through to the early toddler years and more. I’d happily cook up some of these delicious meals just for myself and the hubby!


Banana, apricot, peach and chia seed puree…hell yes!! Sounds like something I could add to my natural yoghurt as a delicious desert with some spiced pecan granola sprinkled over the top.


Beef, broccoli, pea and balsamic vinegar puree, sounds delicious. Dark chocolate and courgette muffins, wow! I can’t wait to get cooking when we move back into our house in a few weeks time. Whole food doesn’t necessarily mean eating a caveman diet, it means nutritiously delicious foods for all the family to enjoy.


Combine this with Baby self-feeding also known as BLW (baby led weaning) another book I’ve been reading recently all about how and when to begin weaning, the best foods, purees mixed with BLW, methods for avoiding allergies and how to deal with fussy eaters at the table. Another great book written by Nancy Ripton and Melanie Potock.


With my first I didn’t really do much reading in terms of weaning / toddler foods. I had the standard Annabel Karmel book and stuck to it but this time around i’m looking for ideas and recipes that work for all of the family so whether it’s chicken, peach and coriander puree or it’s chicken with peaches and coriander for my toddler and myself i’m looking for tasty alternatives from bland steamed chicken or salmon.


Both of these books are full of wonderful ideas and advice and they are definitely worth a read if you have a little spare time.


Happy cooking!