Work that core baby!

If you haven’t guessed by now, i’m a bit of a gym bunny (although I have toned it down since becoming pregnant!). After around 12 weeks when jogging was starting to get difficult I went off in search of alternative activities that were safe during pregnancy. It was possibly the last thing on my list but having tried out yoga which was exceptionally relaxing I wanted something that would work me a little bit harder – Pilates.

Never in a million years did I think I might actually enjoy this and the first class felt a little unusual, lots of stretching and core work exercises. After a few weeks I just couldn’t get enough, I spent the week looking forward to my Sunday evening sessions. It was great getting to meet other mums-to-be, to have a natter and to get a bit of a workout.

Pilates is quite different to yoga especially when it comes down to breathing, in yoga it is very much breathe out and relax, in Pilates it’s breathe out and keep holding those muscles – it takes a while to get used to but you can really feel those leg, arm and core stomach muscles working away.

I don’t really feel tired after a session either, in fact it’s quite the opposite, I feel energised! At 33 weeks i’m still going strong and i’m hoping to keep up the classes until the end of my pregnancy – let’s see how that goes! Pilates is great for working out pelvic pain too, I had some SPD about a month ago and it really helped to ease it out, it’s also supposed to help with loosening the pelvis ready for birth along with keeping you nice and toned for a speedy recovery. I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hoping that all the hard work pays off.

Have any of you attended pregnancy Pilates classes? If so, how did you find them?