Yoga, is it your cup of tea?

Having turned into quite a gym bunny prior to getting pregnant, I knew I was going to have to tone things down a little and my regular jog would become more like a waddle in the months to come. So what next? Everyone keeps on stressing just how important pregnancy yoga is, to me this seemed like one of the most alien things, calm people doing poses on a mat in a room with dimmed lights – ok it’s interesting. It was certainly going to be a world away from my cardio fuelled workout and stress filled days.

After a bit of research I found a local Active Birth yoga teacher who was in such high demand I was on the waiting list for a good two months. In the meantime I thought I’d try out another pregnancy yoga class at a recently opened yoga centre. The classes were just fab, quite a few poses, a bit of balance, we touched on birth prep and then had 10-15 mins of relaxation, it was heaven and the weeks flew by until my active birth yoga classes.

Having become slightly accustomed to the yoga routine I thought nothing of changing over to my new class. It’s always a little intimidating when you first turn up and know nobody but I was soon chatting to the mums-to-be. The class started and it was certainly very different to anything I’d experienced – exceptionally laid back and the focus was on birth and positions incorporating yoga breathing and relaxation. The second half of the class we touched on the birth itself, I was a little put off as it was my first class but the instructor reassured me that this was the last class in this course and next week we would start fresh so it wouldn’t be too foreign! The class ended with half an hour of relaxation and a chat about pregnancy issues and birthing over a cuppa and some biscuits.

It certainly was interesting and although not necessarily my cup of tea there had to be a reason it was so highly subscribed so I decided I’d give it a few more weeks. As the weeks have gone by I find the class fantastic, it’s great to take a couple of hours out once a week just to relax and to practice breathing and prepare for the birth. I can tell that the closer I get to my d-date these classes will certainly help to relieve stress and calm me down!